Friday, September 26, 2014

Verilast knee replacement in Chennai.

Do you want your knee replacement to last for thirty years? If you are young or middle aged, this should be your goal. Read this evidence -
"Oxinium knee demonstrated an impressive 81% reduction in wear in simulated lab testing compared to conventional materials. Plus, wear simulation indicates that the LEGION Cruciate Retaining Knee System with VERILAST Technology may last up to 30 years of wear - that's twice the current industry standard of 15 years."
I have implanted the #Oxinium #CR #knee in a young lady.
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ICRS conference on stem cells

Stem cell treatment of knee pain in Chennai, India.

I attended the ICRS CONFERENCE with focus on knee this July. I was able to help this young male get rid of his knee pain with his own cultured stem cells. See this video.
Stem cell treatment of Cartilage injuries India:
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Cartilage repair with stem cells in Chennai

I attended the ICRS conference in Zurich this year. I acquired the skills to perform cartilage treatment with stem cells in Chennai, India. Visit

Friday, September 19, 2014

Continuous passive motion

#Continuous #passive #motion is an essential component of your cartilage replacement surgery @kneeindia. Six to eight hours of CPM is mandatory for a successful outcome. Visit for latest videos and testimonials on knee cartilage surgery in #India with stem cells.

Latest Computer knee replacement in India

I-ASSISTguided Knee Replacement India- Dr.A.K.Ven…: