Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Knee replacement recovery- British patient's progress @ 3 months.

Dear Dr.Venkatachalam
Good to hear from you. I’m an impatient person so progress will never seem fast enough for me! However my osteopath tells me she is amazed at my progress and sees me as far ahead of what she has come to expect with all the others she has worked with. I am walking well, and stamina is improving, but still has a long way to go. My wife says that I was walking like an old man in January and early feb., but now I don’t look like one. I am much better at climbing up stairs and am improving at climbing down them, and take most opportunities so to do. I’m up to about 135 degrees of bend, or slightly more, and I think both legs have evened out now.

Today I have been to the Gymn again (Mon, Wed, & Fri), and during the various journeys to and from (and then back to London Bridge for other reasons) have climbed down all the stairs into Canada Water station twice (i.e. 2 x 33 steps), and back up them again, up and down one flight of moving escalator, and then various stairs and steps elsewhere. Down is still more of a problem, and causes pain on the front outside of the knee, below the level of the knee-cap, in both legs but worse in the right. This persists for some time in walking after finishing the steps but goes eventually.

My osteopath says that the muscle you identified ( I still can’t remember the name – VMO – VOM ?)is now very well bulked up and has said to stop using the electro stimulation on it. She is very impressed with the difference that the stimulation has made in conjunction with gymn exercise.
Mr.Paul Jackman Graham
Sussex, UK