Sunday, February 26, 2006

ACL reconstruction for Bangladeshi patients

A few patients from Bangladesh recently underwent ACL reconstruction in Chennai. They came from different cities and professions. These included an Army officer, a fisheries department officer and an officer from the Export processing zone in Chittagong.
Since there are no facilities in Bangladesh, they choose to visit India. One of them also appeared on the new TV channel CNN IBN. during his stay in the Chennai hospital. Talking from his hospital bed, Mr.TH, the patient says "
It is not only the operation but the personalised post operative care that makes surgery from this Doctor worth having."

Saturday, February 25, 2006

High flex knee replacement India

The first High flex knee replacement in India was done in Chennai with the only prosthesis designed for the purpose. The Nex gen LPS Flex prosthesis from Zimmer offers deep flexion up to 155 degrees. It is suited to meet the requirements of Indians & middle east citizens. Picture shows amount of flexion achieved after surgery on the operating table itself without any pressure.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

American Everest Hero outsources his orthopedic surgery to India

A mountaineer from the US who has several climbs in Asia, South America including a successful ascent of Mt.Everest has landed up in Chennai's Knee & Shoulder clinic to undergo Knee & Shoulder surgery. He will first have an arthroscopic ACL reconstruction and cartilage surgery to his knee and later have an arthroscopic rotator cuff tear repair.
Once again orthopedic surgery in India is gaining many patients from the West as it is highly affordable, efficacious and prompt.