Friday, April 21, 2006

Why you should have your Knee replacement in Chennai ?

The numbers of people searching the internet for knee surgery in India is increasing by leaps and bounds each day. These people hail from the UK, US, New Zealand, Canada, Middle east and India.

Knee replacement at the Knee & Shoulder clinic, Chennai is cost effective, and performed to the latest trends as in the west. Some of the recent advances in Knee replacement are incorporated, thus maximising patient expectations and comfort. Minimally invasive knee surgery, High flex TKR, Quads sparing approaches, to name a few are latest advances. Patient testimonials from the UK, US and other countries vouch for our skills and abilities. An example of the High flex Knee implanted in this patient demonstrates that maximum flexion has been achieved in the right operated knee.
We do not have any agents, relying only on testimonials and recommendations of our satisfied patients, thus keeping all costs to the minimum actuals.
The hospitals where surgery is performed have laminar air flow which reduces the incidence of infection. Our packages are one of the most affordable cost wise and in standards surpass the others.
Anesthetists work in close tandem with the patient to alleviate pain.
Physiotherapists who have trained at some of the Joint replacement centres in the US will be available to help you to regain function at the earliest.
The ambience of the hospitals will be pleasing and at the conclusion of successful surgery, you will be guided to explore the rich cultural and architectural heritage of South India. A rejuvenating Ayurvedic package is available for relatives and patients.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Electro surgical treatment for cartilage lesions

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Mr.WR, An American underwent bilateral arthroscopic surgery for patellar and knee cartilage lesions.
Although he is only 28 years old, martial arts practice had lead to fissuring of his knee cap's cartilage. This was treated by the new technique of Electro-cautery in which a radiofrequency device is applied to the swollen areas to shrink the deep layer of damage. Stable edges were achieved by careful mechanical means.
Having lost a lot of weight, he utilised this opportunity of availing Cosmetic surgey under the same anesthetic.
Visit for more information on Knee problems.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Orthopedic surgery in India for UK, USA citizens - Chennai favorite destination

www.kneeindia.comPatients from the UK, USA, Australia and Canada needing surgery abroad find Chennai’s skilled orthopedic surgeons, affordable costs and clean private hospitals a safe haven. Absence of hidden costs and agents, transparent dealings, skilled surgery, nursing, physiotherapy, clean hospitals are factors responsible for increasing medical treatment abroad says consultant orthopedic surgeon, Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam of Bharathi raja speciality hospital, Chennai.Patients find doctors by word of mouth and the internet. Knee & Hip replacements, Surface hip replacement, shoulder surgery are some sought after operations.
Emerging collapse of Medicare in the US and the NHS in the UK are forcing ordinary folk to seek orthopedic medical treatment in India. Elderly people with chronic orthopaedic problems like Hip and knee osteoarthritis, shoulder and spine problems are unable to withstand their pain and cannot afford private treatment in their own countries. They discover well qualified and trained Indian doctors performing these operations in India at affordable costs and hence prefer Private treatment in Chennai.
Dr.Venkatachalam is a consultant orthopedic surgeon in Chennai's Bharathiraja specialty hospitals. He has treated patients from the UK, US, Greece, Spain, UAE, Quatar, Bangladesh and South Asia for knee and shoulder problems. He pioneered High flexion knee replacements with the only implant designed for the purpose.

Having worked in the West earlier enables doctors to understand the requirements of their patients in terms of comfort, standard of care, communication, food habits of the patients etc. Westerners find themselves comfortable in the presence of UK qualified doctors. The common operations like total knee & hip replacements, hip resurfacing, arthroscopic surgery of shoulder and knee are much in demand amongst these medical tourists. While emergency care is excellent in the UK’s NHS, patients are faced with long waiting lists of up to a year for elective orthopedic surgery. Having paid up their tax contributions they become frustrated when they cannot get timely surgical treatment for chronic joint problems. Unlike patients with heart disease, people with orthopaedic problems can travel safely and are doing exactly that, flying half way around the world to India for orthopedic surgery.

Mark Carr, an outdoor sports expert from Wales who underwent shoulder surgery in Chennai six months ago, says “When recently faced with a further 12 months of shoulder pain and the resultant inactivity, I decided to look for a solution outside the NHS. Of course there is private surgery in the UK. I asked the cost and was told £4500. This was more than I could afford. Back to search the web. Links led me to Dr A. K. Venkatachalam who is based in Chennai India and who is a very highly qualified Orthopaedic Surgeon who trained in the UK and has worked in several major hospitals in Asia and the Middle East. My operation was skillfully performed, I know that because I have seen the photographs and am now enjoying the results. After ten days the constant nagging pain that had been with me for more than a year had gone and I enjoyed my first full night’s sleep for that same period.”

The same kind of frustration and inability to earn income and lay off from work due to pain arising from Knee osteo-arthritis also drove Mr. Brian Toughton, a 66 year old luxury coach driver from Stratford upon Avon to seek a knee replacement in Chennai. He came to have only one knee replaced, but when he realized that he couldn’t afford another trip for surgery to his other knee which was also in the same diseased state; he decided to have bilateral knee replacements done. He did not regret it and was able to enjoy a fortnight’s holiday in a seaside resort.

Concerns amongst patients about cleanliness of hospitals, skills of surgeons, and familiarity of latest techniques are put to rest easily as Mr. Cliff Arkley, a marine consultant from Sussex found out recently by his experience. This gentleman underwent bilateral partial knee replacements. The prosthesis inserted was Unicondylar prosthesis with a mobile bearing. The surgery was performed through 3 inch long incisions called minimally invasive surgery or MIS.

Advantages of minimally invasive surgery are decreased blood loss, lesser operating time and morbidity, less pain, quick rehabilitation and return of function. MIS, high flexion knee replacements ( allowing more natural bending of the knee to 155 degrees) are some of the latest advances in knee surgery available in the west and foreigners are delighted to have the same performed in India for a fraction of the cost.

Affordable Costs - A total hip replacement in the US costs $39000, whereas one in Chennai costs only $6500 along with the cost of the implant. A TKR in the UK costs 9500 pounds whereas the same can be done here for 3500 pounds.
Cost differences are enormous. Dave Hurd an American citizen from North Carolina had to shell out only one tenth of the cost that he paid in the US for a rotator cuff repair in India.
Patients find it easier to pay out of pocket than claim insurance. These surgical options are attractive and patients are lining up to have their orthopaedic surgery performed in Chennai.

An added attraction at the successful conclusion of their surgery is recuperation in nearby resorts and spas. This added comfort mitigates to some extent the absence of loved ones by their side during recovery. At the conclusion of successful treatment, patients can choose to tour more of India before retuning home. The charms of Kerala's back waters, the idyllic beaches of Goa, temples of Tamil nadu, etc are must see attractions in South India.

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

First Japanese medical tourist has knee arthroscopies and cosmetic surgery in India

A 28 year old Alsakan School teacher settled in Japan, has undergone bilateral Knee surgery and Cosmetic surgery in Chennai by's orthopedic surgeon Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam and DR.T,C Chandran, a renowned Plastic surgeon over here.
WR, is a martial arts instructor and developed bilateral knee problems on the undersurface of his knee cap. The risk factors were that he was obese earlier and this had put a lot of pressure on his knees. When he reduced his weight, there was extra skin in his abdomen.
In a six hour long surgery, both the knees were treated by arthroscopic surgery and the reduntant abdominal skin was trimmed to give him a new look which he will be proud to display to his mates back home.
He is recovering well and will be discharged in 3- 4 days from hospital and wil be fit to travel to America.