Monday, January 29, 2007

Story of British patient Successful Knee replacement in India

A 64 year old Briton underwent a totally painless High flex total knee replacement while he was fully awake at a Chennai hospital. You can listen to his story of successful bilateral knee replacements in this video. The surgeon Dr.Venkatachalam performed this High flexion knee replacement after the anesthetist had administered a continuous Femoral block as seen in this picture. The patient was fully awake throughout the procedure and was able to do a straight leg raise and bend his knee fully after the procedure.
Innovations like these are welcome by patients as they suffer no side effects of anesthesia like nausea, vomitting, urinary retention, constipation.
You can listen to the patient's experience about his surgery in this audio testimonial

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Arthroscopic surgery knee video or knee arthroscopy video
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Accompanying video shows arthroscopic surgery performed at the Knee surgery centre. Knee anatomy is visualised and a Microfracture procedure is carried out.For arthroscopic Knee surgery email
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Monday, January 01, 2007

Correcting Bow legs by High tibial ostetomy (Genu Varus)

These x rays demonstrate the correction of the bow leg deformity in the leg bone of a 29 year old lady with Bilateral Genu varus. A wedge of bone has been removed and the osteotomy fixed with a plate and screws. The clinical photo after six weeks shows good correction of the deformity on the left side.