Monday, March 06, 2006

ACL Reconstruction surgery in middle age

Middle aged and elderly patients with a definite history of symptomatic ACL(Anterior cruciate ligament) tear or injury can benefit from an ACL reconstruction. The Knee is stabilised and further damage to the menisci and articular cartilage of the knee will be prevented. If articular cartilage damage has occured, then the reparative cartilage surgery methods can be combined for focal cartilage defects.
ACL reconstruction has a definite role in the elderly sports person or health conscious person who wants to keep fit by jogging, outdoor activities.
Several sports and fitnees oriented people from the UK and US are now keen to undergo surgery in Chennai, India. ACL repair is another possibility.

The cost of ACL surgery in India being one tenth to one fifth the cost in the USA and UK, is the main factor in drawing patients. Mr.James Sperk says.
"The main attraction for me in getting my surgery done in India was that reduced costs meant that I could use my savings to pursue my hobbies as passionately as before"
The adjacent picture shows the reknowned American Mountaineer ( 59 years old) who had undergone an Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction recently.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction in Chennai ACL reconstruction in Chennai- Sportsmen with ligament and cartilage injuries can develop secondary osteoarthritis if they continue to participate in the sport without rectifying the damage. ACL reconstuction and meniscal repair or transplant is an ideal treatment to avoid knee arthritis. I perform arthroscopic ACL reconstruction using autografts. A meniscal transplant facility is also in place in Chennai with arrangements to procure menisci from cadaveric donors and for storage. I already have few patients on my waiting list for a transplant. When the supply of donor menisci improves, the operation of meniscal transplant will gain momentum.